Welcome to my coastal dream!

I’m Raquel, the owner of the Raquel Garcia Design Shop, and I’m so happy you’re here. I’ll share a little about me and how the shop came to be.

Since I can remember I have loved fashion and design. Born to Cuban-American parents in New York City and now based in Fairfield, CT, I have been an interior designer for the past two decades, a jewelry designer and now the founder of our new online shop. Inspired by my three beautiful daughters and my love for jewelry—and collecting and designing pieces that can resonate with each person in a special way has been an important part of my journey—and now I’m able to bring them to my customers in the RGD Shop.

A decade ago I bought a beach house in a coastal town in Connecticut and renovated it to reflect my natural surroundings and love for coastal design—this shop is an extension of my life and style, where I bring my clients and customers collections inspired by the water, sun, sand and warm breeze.

I attribute my love for design and fashion to my father’s passion in the arts and culture. Growing up in a home that was filled with music, culture, and people from all walks of life, from an early age, I observed the people and beauty around me, and nuances of how all these pieces came together in my home. As I learned to appreciate all the details of design, my father’s passions and his love for beauty was instilled in me and has inspired my own design work today—and the online shop I carefully curate now. 

Now, I'm so happy to offer your favorite signature Raquel Garcia Design looks for your own home and your own wardrobe.